2013 ZeroSpace

The University of Virginia's Institute for the Humanities and Global Cultures, OpenGrounds Studio, Department of Music and IMRG NOMADS present the 2013 ZeroSpace Conference. The events of ZeroSpace explore the theme of distance and interaction, examining how humans interact with one another and with our environment through new technologies. Through partnerships with cultural and education institutions around the world, ZeroSpace envisions a collaborative global network of artists, scholars and technologists. ZeroSpace 2013 was produced with support from the Buckner W. Clay Endowment for the Humanities by Matthew Burtner and Sarah O'Halloran.

ZeroSpace Conference on Distance and Interaction, February 18-19: OpenGrounds Studio, UVA

The interdisciplinary ZeroSpace Conference on Distance and Interaction brings together scholars and artists examining aesthetic, cultural, technological and environmental issues of distance and interaction in the 21st Century. Performances will feature works employing telematic and network technology, and exploring conceptual notions of distance.

Speakers will include: John Durham Peters (Professor of Communication Studies, University of Iowa); Joel G. Anderson (Professor of Nursing, UVA); Chris Gist (University of Virginia Library Scholars Lab); Roger Mills (Lecturer, University of Technology, Sydney); Sarah Weaver (PhD Student, SUNY Stony Brook); Mark Dresser (Professor of Music, University of California San Diego); and Matthew Burtner and David Topper (Music Department/Interactive Media Research Group NOMADS, UVA).

Live performances and works by Glen Whitehead (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs); Jason Freeman (Georgia Tech); Doug van Nort (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute); Daniel Blinkhorn (University of Technology Sydney); Benjamin Carey (University of Technology Sydney); kite•string (Sarah O’Halloran, UVA; Margaret Schedel, SUNY Stony Brook); Kim Brooks Mata and Michael Rasbury, (UVA); Ted Coffey (UVA) and Aaron Henderson (University of Pittsburg); the Ethernet Orchestra (featuring Roger Mills, Sydney Australia; Chris Vine, Londrina Brazil; and Peyman Sayyadi, Montreal Canada); Matthew Burtner (UVA); and MICE (UVA).


Day 1
OpenGrounds Studio

Paper session 1: Monday, February 18, 2pm

Welcome to ZeroSpace from Matthew Burtner

John Durham Peters (University of Iowa, Department of Communication)
The Vicissitudes of Interaction at a Distance

Joel G. Anderson (University of Virginia, School of Nursing)
Fostering Compassion Across Distance

Chris Gist (University of Virginia, UVA Library Scholars' Lab)
Charlottesville Street Cars: UVa Special Collections Photographs and Maps and Spatial Analysis


Concert 1: Monday, February 18, 7pm

Jason Freeman (Georgia Tech )
for networked laptop performers featuring MICE performing at UVA with Jason Freeman, Akito van Troyer, Andrew Colella, and Sang Won at Georgia Tech

Kim Brooks Mata and Michael Rasbury (UVA)
for dance video and electronic sound

new work
for human-computer ensemble featuring NOMADS

Ted Coffey and Aaron Henderson (UVA and University of Pittsburg)
Feuerball (2010)
for video and electronics

Doug van Nort (Renselear Polytechnic Institute)
for remote human-computer network ensemble featuring MICE at UVA and Doug van Nort performing at RPI

Day 2
OpenGrounds Studio

Paper Session 2: Tuesday, February 19, 2pm

Matthew Burtner and David Topper (Interactive Media Research Group, University of Virginia) Introduction to the NOMADS Telematic Collaboration Application Bindle

Roger Mills (University of Technology Sydney, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) A Multimodal Analysis of Musical Interaction and Perception in Intercultural Tele-Improvisation

Sarah Weaver and Mark Dresser (University of California San Diego, School of Music and SUNY Stony Brook School of Music)
Telematic Performance

Concert 2: Tuesday, February 19, 7pm

Matthew Burtner (UVA)
Golden Sparrow
for trumpet, light and electronics featuring Glen Whitehead, trumpet from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs; and Sarah O’Halloran, light actor

kite•string (Margaret Schedel, Stony Brook and Sarah O’Halloran, UVA)
…linger, figure, flutter…
for cello, narrator and electronics

Ethernet Orchestra (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)
Roger Mills, processed trumpets (Sydney, Australia); Peyman Sayyadi, Tanbur; (Montreal, Canada) and Chris Vine guitar and electronics (Sau Paula, Brazil)

Ted Coffey and Aaron Henderson (UVA and University of Pittsburg)
Pharoah's Fury (2010)
for video and electronics

Daniel Blinkhorn (University of Technology Sydney),
for saxophones and 5.1 surround sound featuring Matthew Burtner performing from UVA, and Benjamin Carey performing from UTS

all events Eastern Standard Time, at OpenGrounds Studio on the UVA Corner

for information on the conference please contact:

Matthew Burtner, mburtner@virginia.edu
Buckner W. Clay Fellow, Institute for the Humanities and Global Cultures
Associate Professor of Composition and Computer Technologies (CCT)
McIntire Department of Music, University of Virginia
Director, Interactive Media Research Group NOMADS

Sarah O'Halloran, sao3bh@virginia.edu
Jefferson Fellow
PhD Student, Composition and Computer Technologies (CCT)
McIntire Department of Music, University of Virginia

History of ZeroSpace:

ZeroSpace was created by Matthew Burtner in 2011 while he was the Provost Fellow at the Center for 21st Century Studies at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. The first ZeroSpace Conference on Distance and Interaction took place at UWM on February 18, 2011 in collaboration with Stanford University's CCRMA, IUPUI's Tavel Center, University of Missouri Kansas City Conservatory of Music and the University of Virginia'sInteractive Media Research Group (IMRG). Featured artists and presenters included Chris Chafe (Stanford), Scott Deal (IUPUI), Michael Drews (IUPUI), Aurie Hsu (UVA), Telematic Collective (IUPUI), Steven Kemper (UVA), John Mayhood (UVA), MICE (UVA), MiLO (UWM), Chryssie Nanou (Stanford), RAT (UMKC), and David Topper (UVA).